War of whatnot

“Will a mouse ever construct a mousetrap?”

This war between Ukraine and Russia is creating a lot of headlines lately. Some say it will escalate into another “great war”, World War III. How poetic! I wonder who came up with this.

In the medieval ages, leaders, kings used to fight alongside soldiers, but as human civilization evolved, the ‘elite’ people at the top power hierarchy became more and more distant from people at the bottom. We think we are fighting for ourselves but the war is/was never about us.

two guys fighting

Slavery is defunct, of course, but it still exists both actively and passively. For us, the middle-class of society, it is passive slavery, we are " white-collar slaves". We walk like a duck, quack like a duck but we are not a duck.

We are stuck in this loop of expectations, and when these expectations reach a certain threshold. We become very hard to distinguish expectation from greed.

Look the thing is, this Ukraine-Russia war was never about Ukraine. It is a war between the United States and Russia. America always had this imperialistic mindset, it is not hidden, almost everybody knows about it. Monetary grants, infrastructure development, military training, and whatnot, just to make the developing countries live and grow under their clemency and sometimes this direct approach doesn’t work like expected, for this kind of situation they have created multiple “proxy” organizations, one of the greatest example is NATO; North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also known as North Atlantic Alliance.

If you don’t live under rocks, you may already know that this war is happening all because of NATO.

Damn it, what have we done!

copy of a copy of a copy

~ Palash Bauri

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