Status Update #5

Happy New Year Readers! Yeah Yeah I know 10 days have passed since the “Happy New Year” (Whatsapp) forwards 😅.

Note Taking

For a few years now I have been using Standard Notes on android to write and take notes on my mobile but recently they made this ludicrous change to their UI on Android, which made the whole app slow and unusable for taking quick notes, so I shifted to Quillpad, another open source note taking application. It syncs notes to nextcloud so I have set up a Nextcloud on an Oracle Free-tier Compute Instance. The notes get also synced to my laptops via the default nextcloud software, so it’s been a pretty nice and smooth shift. The interface of the Quillpad android app is almost a copy of Google Keep.

The most important thing, I think I’m missing on Quillpad is note history; sometimes I make mistakes by erasing the note content and it is impossible to recover that. There seems to be an open issue present for this feature request in the source code repository here quillpad/quillpad/issues/58. Hope that it (fortunately) gets implemented soon.

Pankti programming language

I posted about this on two Bengali language science-focused Facebook groups here and here.

I got lots of comments. The responses were kind of positive which also contained some constructive criticism. But many people just commented BS, some of them had no clue what a programming language is. Someone even asked can it convert speech to text.

Most of the “unproductive” comments contained queries like, is it a Bengali translation of Python/Javascript/Shell script? or things like this has no practical usage, this is just a copy of “X” language, this has not future, or even “can I buy it” etc etc.

But two people commented very nice things, one said something like this, “…don’t think about the future, work on this as long as you enjoy working on it…”.

Another one said, “…a child just started walking and people are people are talking about whether she will win gold in the next Olympic games…”

Whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, I have a very specific goal in mind for this project which is [REDACTED]


⚠ī¸ politics ahead

For the last few days, I have been hearing that Pakistan Taliban has almost taken over Pakistan. They even created their own parallel government and even an Intelligence agency.

As of now, the reports indicate that they don’t have any grudge against India, they even want to return Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir(POK) to India. Even if the reports are correct we must be prepared, and maybe even need to integrate more “special people” so we can have a clear stream of data on what is happening on the other side.

Though the takeover may seem good for India, it can turn into another disastrous headache if not handled correctly.

Pakistan Taliban’s main activity areas include areas that are adjacent to the Kashmir border. If they want they can easily infiltrate and wrongly influence people over there. We need to be careful.

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