Status Update #1

I think I have mentioned before that I’m taking a course of “Diploma in Elementary Education”. So, last Wednesday (6th April) we were asked to “perform” a demo teaching class. Each was given 2 subjects, I got Mathematics and Bengali (first language/mother tongue). I’ll not I did great, but it was good according to the teachers.

In my opinion, it is impossible to mimic the environment of a class 1st grader classroom with a bunch of graduates, High School passed students, but still, it was just a performance and as far as I know, we’ll be sent to actual elementary schools for practice teaching. I hope that works out.

I witnessed demo classes of a few other trainees, some were good, and some were straight-up lunacy.

One lady was teaching, mathematics of second grade. She was teaching something about clocks, she bought a nice-looking paper clock with rotating arms. I must admit if she made that herself, she did a remarkable job. But she made it much more complicated, I don’t that was appropriate for 2nd graders, and apart from that, her body language was a little fearsome to me. If I was her student in 2nd grade, No disrespect but, god, I would run away if she asked me a question.

Another trainee was so much nervous that she couldn’t even look at us, she was just staring at the fans while teaching.

Uh, forgot the funniest, One trainee was teaching about keeping ourselves clean, brushing, bathing, and stuff. She didn’t mention what she was teaching, she asked us to draw a brush without giving us any context (When someone was teaching others were to pretend as elementary students).

I didn’t know what she was about to teach, so I decided to draw a paintbrush, while showing our drawings, she (the teacher) gave me a cold look. Later I found out that, she meant toothbrush. C’mon how I’m supposed to know, what she meant, she could’ve meant, paintbrush, toilet brush, makeup brush, or even shoe brush! How the hell I’m supposed to know ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ

10 trainees were supposed to teach that but, but only 5 of them were present, including me. Me and this other guy, and 3 girls. I guess, they were nervous 😓 .

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