Status Update #2

For last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a lightweight blogging protocol, ðŸĶ• Dinolog.

Dinolog blogs can be used for short micro blogs and long posts. Dinolog doesn’t constrain users to a specific client for surfing, it is usable using telnet and netcat.

It is compatible with twtxt protocol, and is able to output twtxt.txt.

I’m also planning on including an HTTP frontend, with indieweb support (webmentions, microformats and ActivityPub)

Protocol specifications are incomplete, server implementation is also work in progress. The project development is going to be slow for next few weeks, cause my exams are starting from mid july, and I certainly don’t want to fail.

Beside that, From last month, My Physical health is not going great.

Someone on Fosstodon (Mastodon) mentioned of having gemini support. I’m thinking about that, but TLS may limit the my vision for this project.

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