Indefinite break from Mastodon

I first joined Mastodon back in 2018. I chose as the Instance of choice because it was the biggest. 19 toots later, in 2022 I created an account in instance, which I have been using since. But last night, I decided to take an indefinite break from mastodon altogether.

I joint Mastodon because it seemed cool, and was the new hot topic at that time, but gradually I got bored and frustrated with the whole ecosystem. I believe that the whole idea of the Fediverse is fundamentally flawed, I am not going to explain here what those are; but the keyword self-hosting is kind of getting killed with mastodon’s ecosystem.

If you want to find me, you may find me on Twitter 1, telegram2, email3. Plus, I mostly do microblogging on my writefreely instance at

See You Soon!

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