After One Year

It’s been almost an year since I wrote anything on my blog; I was stuck in really messed up and tough position from last year. I have written countless drafts to publish here, but the end of the day I was not able.

I am not gonna mention what happened in those months publicly for now, because I just don’t feel like it right now, plus it will take a huge essay to fully explain what happened; it will be about how little we as the whole human society know about the human “brain” .

Living in a constant fear of losing something precious is lethal,

Aside from “that” inside nothing major happened, I mostly didn’t work on any projects, I was tired, and honestly I still am.

Last month, I fixed compatibility issues in pankti programming language implementation for breaking changes in zig, and implemented break for while loops.

I was planning on few projects, such as writing a web browser for terminal, a regular expression tester, but dropped them.

I don’t think, I have any more to share. So, see you later.

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