War of whatnot

“Will a mouse ever construct a mousetrap?” This war between Ukraine and Russia is creating a lot of headlines lately. Some say it will escalate into another “great war”, World War III. How poetic! I wonder who came up with this. In the medieval ages, leaders, kings used to fight alongside soldiers, but as human civilization evolved, the ‘elite’ people at the top power hierarchy became more and more distant from people at the bottom.

28 February 2022  ·  2 Minutes  ·  278 words

Language, Struggle and Disappointment

In the history of mankind, people have fought for freedom, equality, rights, and whatnot. But a Struggle for language! I don’t think you’ll find another example of this type of struggle. Look, I’m not gonna explain the whole history, or the importance of today’s date, there are thousands if not millions of resources about the history of this struggle, if you’re interested, you can read them yourself. At first, I thought I would write this in Bengali, my mother tongue, but I went with English anyway, ‘cause I’m making a point, you’ll understand if you read till the end.

21 February 2022  ·  3 Minutes  ·  490 words

Education, Friendship, and Rebellion

When I was in Primary school, I was happy. I was enjoying the studios, friendship, and freedom. But when I got into High School, everything changed, Friends became rivals, creating a disturbance in harmony. In Primary School, there was no discrimination among genders. Everybody, everyone was the same, we sat together, we played together, we laughed together, there was this precious harmony among us. But in high school, the harmony among genders was destroyed.

20 February 2022  ·  3 Minutes  ·  559 words

Do I actually need?

You get an infinite number of wishes — I wish I had a bicycle. Done. 2 weeks later, I wish a motorbike, Done. 1 week later, I wish a car, Done. ….few wishes later… I want a spaceship… This point is, as you get infinite wishes, the cycle of wanting begins and at some point, you forget why you wanted a vehicle in the first place. There is a poem by famous Nobel laureate Bengali poet, Rabindranath Tagore, named “ছাড়পত্র” (Charpatra), in that poem, a specific line is very interesting

15 February 2022  ·  2 Minutes  ·  347 words

Grow up

It’d be important to mention that, in this post, I’m only talking about India. But I’m quite sure that these things are kinda applicable to most parts of the world. There’s a saying that, women are the worst enemy for women themselves. If you haven’t seen the real world, you might not believe that, but I’ve seen it, and it’s terrifying. When a girl is unmarried, she’s someone’s daughter, she knows what it means to be the parent of a girl, everyone is asking when is the daughter getting married, why isn’t she marrying blah blah blah.

14 February 2022  ·  3 Minutes  ·  580 words