Like Me?

Everyone wants to be me. I speak decent english, I’m a programmer. People think me something like a computer guru. Once I was even asked to fix a relative’s laptop, their keyboard wasn’t working. Everyone wants be me but nobody really wants to know me, though I’m not that surprised, because you see, people nowadays likes to get instant results. People have this bad tendency of assuming that, if you do the same things like the other person does, you’ll become like them.

22 January 2022  ยท  1 Minute  ยท  197 words


Society has given us what? We take pride of our intelligence, we are supposed to be the smartest on the planet. But still we can’t stand each other. Almost every species on this planet have at least one natural predator, except humans , and because of that we are a thriving species, the “best”! What a joke. Global warming, climate change, pollution, hunger, poverty? Yes of course they are a huge “problem” but if we don’t find the root cause of all of this, we are never gonna solve it, in fact we don’t actually wanna solve anything, we just want a illusion that we solved those, and we’re living in peace.

6 January 2022  ยท  2 Minutes  ยท  285 words


Hi , Just getting started… ~ Palash Bauri