Chaos In Bengal

Political conditions in West Bengal (a state of India; where I live) are very bad right now. Corruption is at its peak, the economy is about to collapse within a month or so. The ex-Education Minister of the state is in jail for a huge scandal of School Teacher recruitment. In India, we have two eligibility tests for getting a job as a teacher in government schools. TET/CTET, Teachers Eligibility Test for Primary (Pre-primary to class 4/5) and Upper Primary (Class 5/6 to 8) level; and SSC Tests for High Schools (class 9 to 12).

9 November 2022  ยท  3 Minutes  ยท  637 words

Language, Struggle and Disappointment

In the history of mankind, people have fought for freedom, equality, rights, and whatnot. But a Struggle for language! I don’t think you’ll find another example of this type of struggle. Look, I’m not gonna explain the whole history, or the importance of today’s date, there are thousands if not millions of resources about the history of this struggle, if you’re interested, you can read them yourself. At first, I thought I would write this in Bengali, my mother tongue, but I went with English anyway, ‘cause I’m making a point, you’ll understand if you read till the end.