Devlog #2 - Pankti Language

While I was writing the Interpreter for Pankti Programming Language, I never planned on developing a GUI Ide/Repl. But I was naive, a non-English-based programming language must have a GUI Frontend because Consoles/Terminals doesn’t handle Unicode properly. Even a minimal Hello World program will not work properly, as when it’ll write to Standard Output, the text will not be rendered correctly. Though some terminal emulators handle Bengali Unicode characters perfectly fine such as KDE’s Konsole, most don’t.

10 November 2022  ยท  3 Minutes  ยท  571 words

Devlog #1 - Pankti Language

For more than a month I’m working on a Bengali programming language called Pankti, I’ll write about that in more detail later. Its interpreter is written in Go, I chose to use Go because I always try to get out of my comfort zone; previously I have worked with Rust, C++, and many others and I am now very comfortable with those so I decided to learn something new that’s why I chose to use Go.